SuccessConsole Output

[JaCoCo plugin] Collecting JaCoCo coverage data...
[JaCoCo plugin] **/**.exec;**/classes;**/src/main/java; locations are configured
[JaCoCo plugin] Number of found exec files for pattern **/**.exec: 0
[JaCoCo plugin] Saving matched execfiles:  
[JaCoCo plugin] Saving matched class directories for class-pattern: **/classes: 
[JaCoCo plugin]  - /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/maestro_v2_development/ast/target/classes 65 files
[JaCoCo plugin]  - /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/maestro_v2_development/test-program/target/classes 3 files
[JaCoCo plugin] Saving matched source directories for source-pattern: **/src/main/java: 
[JaCoCo plugin] Source Inclusions: **/*.java
[JaCoCo plugin] Source Exclusions: 
[JaCoCo plugin] - /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/maestro_v2_development/test-program/src/main/java 2 files
[JaCoCo plugin] Loading inclusions files..
[JaCoCo plugin] inclusions: []
[JaCoCo plugin] exclusions: []
[JaCoCo plugin] Thresholds: JacocoHealthReportThresholds [minClass=0, maxClass=0, minMethod=0, maxMethod=0, minLine=0, maxLine=0, minBranch=0, maxBranch=0, minInstruction=0, maxInstruction=0, minComplexity=0, maxComplexity=0]
[JaCoCo plugin] Publishing the results..
[JaCoCo plugin] Loading packages..
[JaCoCo plugin] Done.
[JaCoCo plugin] Overall coverage: class: 0, method: 0, line: 0, branch: 0, instruction: 0