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  1. Fix FunctionValue compareValueTo for unions, fixes #769 (commit: 40133fe) (details / githubweb)
  2. Introduce InvariantValueMaps from VDMJ, fixes #770 (commit: ee8935e) (details / githubweb)
  3. Correct running of traces with slashes in their name (commit: 132c389) (details / githubweb)
  4. Added seedtrace to CommandReader (commit: a89622c) (details / githubweb)
  5. Removed hard limit on module initialization (commit: 820f098) (details / githubweb)
  6. Add retries to Simon's initialize improvement (commit: 5d44bda) (details / githubweb)
  7. Add class initialize changes for Simon's PR (commit: 7bced1c) (details / githubweb)
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       Overture Examples Jar File (didn’t run)
      Success Overture External Resources7.7 sec
      Success Overture IDE Top-level2.4 sec
      Success The Overture Tool Platform root8.2 sec
      Success VDM Annotations1.7 sec
      Success The Overture Abstract Syntax Tree24 sec
      Success Code Generation2.1 sec
      Success Combinatorial Testing1.7 sec
      Success Overture Core Command Line Tool6.6 sec
       Overture GUI Builder (didn’t run)
      Success The VDM Interpreter40 sec
      Success POG - Isagen Integration7.5 sec
       Model Checkers for VDM (didn’t run)
      Success New Pretty Printer7 sec
      Success The VDM parser11 sec
      Success The Proof Obligation Generator19 sec
      Success VDM Pretty Printing1.6 sec
      Success Test Framework for Overture5.3 sec
      Success Overture Testing1.8 sec
      Success The VDM Type Checker43 sec
      Success Annotation Examples4.5 sec
      Success Provided Annotations4.5 sec
      Success The Java Code Generator Maven Plugin15 sec
      Success The Java Code Generator Runtime8.2 sec
      Success The Intermediate Representation Tree16 sec
      Success The VDM to Isabelle Translator13 sec
      Success The Java Code Generator42 sec
      Success The Java Code Generator Testing5.1 sec
      Success The Code Generation Platform48 sec
      Success The VDM to JML Generator32 sec
      Success The VDM to JML Generator Runtime4.7 sec
      Success Combinatorial Testing Runtime26 sec
      Success Combinatorial Testing Utilities4.5 sec
       Integration of the ProB Solver for VDM (didn’t run)
       Integration of the ProB Solver for the VDM Interpreter (didn’t run)
      Success The VDM Pretty Printer5.4 sec
       Overture Example Testing Support (didn’t run)
       Overture Example Tests (didn’t run)
      Success Overture Testing Framework4.7 sec
      Success Overture Sample Tests20 sec
       Overture Demo Tests (didn’t run)
      Success The Overture release notes3.6 sec
      Success Overture IDE Eclipse features1.7 sec
      Success Overture IDE Builders1.7 sec
      Success org.overture.ide.core8.2 sec
      Success org.overture.ide.debug10 sec
      Success org.overture.ide.help16 sec
      Success Overture IDE Parsers1.7 sec
      Success org.overture.ide.platform11 sec
      Success Overture IDE core plugins GUI1.8 sec
      Success Overture IDE Standalone Product2 min 31 sec
       Overture IDE tests (didn’t run)
      Success org.overture.ide.ui9.3 sec
      Success Overture IDE VDM-PP Top-level1.7 sec
      Success Overture IDE VDM-RT (RealTime) Top-level1.7 sec
      Success Overture IDE VDM-SL top level1.7 sec
      Success sec
      Success Overture IDE Eclipse core feature6 sec
      Success Overture IDE Eclipse rcp feature15 sec
      Success org.overture.ide.parsers.vdmj4.7 sec
       The Java Code Generator Plugin (didn’t run)
      Success Combinatorial Testing7.5 sec
      Success org.overture.ide.plugins.coverageeditor6.9 sec
      Success org.overture.ide.plugins.csk6 sec
      Success Developer Utilities for Overture5.6 sec
      Success org.overture.ide.plugins.externaleditor6 sec
      Success Overture IDE Eclipse plugin features1.6 sec
       GUI Builder Plugin (didn’t run)
      Success The Java Code Generator Plugin8.4 sec
      Success org.overture.ide.plugins.latex6.5 sec
      Success org.overture.ide.plugins.poviewer6.3 sec
       Runtime for Prob (didn’t run)
      Success org.overture.ide.plugins.quickinterpreter5.6 sec
      Success RT Trace Viewer Plugin6.6 sec
      Success UML2 Translator7.3 sec
       Overture IDE Eclipse Code Generator feature (didn’t run)
      Success Overture IDE Eclipse Combinatorial Testing feature5.9 sec
      Success Overture IDE Eclipse Coverage Editor feature6.5 sec
      Success Overture IDE Eclipse CSK VDM Tools Link feature5.8 sec
      Success Overture IDE Eclipse Developer Utilities feature5.8 sec
       Overture IDE Eclipse GUI Builder feature (didn’t run)
      Success Overture IDE Eclipse Java Code Generator feature6 sec
      Success Overture IDE Eclipse LaTeX Creator feature5.8 sec
      Success Overture IDE Eclipse Proof Obligation Viewer feature5.4 sec
       Overture IDE Eclipse plugin probruntime feature (didn’t run)
      Success Overture IDE Eclipse VDM Quick Interpreter feature5.7 sec
      Success Overture IDE Eclipse Realtime Trace Viewer feature6.4 sec
      Success Overture IDE Eclipse plugin uml2 feature5.5 sec
       Prob interpreter runtime (didn’t run)
       Prob interpreter runtime linux x86 (didn’t run)
       Prob interpreter runtime linux x64 (didn’t run)
       Prob interpreter runtime mac x64 (didn’t run)
       Prob interpreter runtime win32 (didn’t run)
       org.overture.ide.tests.ui (didn’t run)
      Success org.overture.ide.vdmpp.core4.7 sec
      Success org.overture.ide.vdmpp.debug6 sec
      Success org.overture.ide.vdmpp.ui5.9 sec
      Success org.overture.ide.vdmrt.core4.4 sec
      Success org.overture.ide.vdmrt.debug5.9 sec
      Success org.overture.ide.vdmrt.ui6.1 sec
      Success org.overture.ide.vdmsl.core5.4 sec
      Success org.overture.ide.vdmsl.debug6.1 sec
      Success org.overture.ide.vdmsl.ui5.7 sec