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  1. Fix FunctionValue compareValueTo for unions, fixes #769 (commit: 40133fe) (details)
  2. Introduce InvariantValueMaps from VDMJ, fixes #770 (commit: ee8935e) (details)
  3. Correct running of traces with slashes in their name (commit: 132c389) (details)
  4. Added seedtrace to CommandReader (commit: a89622c) (details)
  5. Removed hard limit on module initialization (commit: 820f098) (details)
  6. Add retries to Simon's initialize improvement (commit: 5d44bda) (details)
  7. Add class initialize changes for Simon's PR (commit: 7bced1c) (details)
Changes in dependency
  1. Overture Testing Framework Success#287Success#288 (detail)
  2. The Proof Obligation Generator Success#287Success#288 (detail)
  3. The Overture Abstract Syntax Tree Success#287Success#288 (detail)
  4. The VDM Type Checker Success#287Success#288 (detail)
  5. Test Framework for Overture Success#287Success#288 (detail)
  6. The VDM Pretty Printer Success#287Success#288 (detail)
  7. The VDM parser Success#287Success#288 (detail)
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