1. Adds use let def strict option to the project properties (commit: bca2a6a) (details)
Commit bca2a6a5086a904fa2fefb74cb89f9b0db74ccf1 by idhugoid
Adds use let def strict option to the project properties

The -strict flag was added to VDMJ to address #736.

VDM projects can now use default or strict let def type checking.
This commit adds that option to the Typecheck group in the VDM Settings.

This commit reverts the changes made in 915ddc that used a launch
configuration settings approach.
(commit: bca2a6a)
The file was modifiedide/debug/src/main/java/org/overture/ide/debug/core/
The file was modifiedide/builders/vdmj/src/main/java/org/overture/ide/builders/vdmj/
The file was modifiedide/debug/src/main/java/org/overture/ide/debug/ui/launching/
The file was modifiedide/core/src/main/java/org/overture/ide/internal/core/resources/
The file was modifiedide/debug/src/main/java/org/overture/ide/debug/core/launching/
The file was modifiedide/ui/src/main/java/org/overture/ide/ui/property/
The file was modifiedide/core/src/main/java/org/overture/ide/core/resources/
The file was modifiedide/builders/vdmj/src/main/java/org/overture/ide/builders/vdmj/