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  1. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: 2412c37) (details)
  2. Corrected retrieval of nat values to allow 0 (commit: ab0e2dc) (details)
  3. Added stack overflow handing, fixes #709 (commit: c29570c) (details)
  4. More sensible file handling in CommandReader (commit: bdedb54) (details)
  5. Improved stack overflow handling, fixes #709 (commit: 3ead045) (details)
  6. Improved stack overflow stack printing, fixes #709 (commit: b5fcc49) (details)
  7. Fix #ifdef processing and move to properties, fixes #710 (commit: 3ce9276) (details)
  8. Add checks for reserved word prefixes in definition names, fixes #711 (commit: 348313a) (details)
  9. Correction to seq comprehensions to use "bind", see #692 (commit: 699e976) (details)
  10. Correctly order type-bind generated invariant values, see #692 (commit: 51351ae) (details)
  11. Check for nil values in InvariantValue equalities, fixes #717 (commit: 9940f68) (details)
  12. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release Release/2.7.4 (commit: ded1ba6) (details)
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