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  1. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: 2a9fecf) (details)
  2. Fixes #721 (commit: 41d4542) (details)
  3. Relativizes URI to the project files location. Fixes #721. (commit: 95a823a) (details)
  4. Accomodates suggested problem resolution (commit: 8fd05a4) (details)
  5. Removes the resetting of enabled status for breakpoints (commit: aedace4) (details)
  6. Removes the setting of SkipAllBreakpoints on non Debug Launches (commit: 91453bd) (details)
  7. Disables breakpoints on non-debug launches (commit: a15548b) (details)
  8. Adds a Debug VDM perspective (commit: 989a70c) (details)
  9. Indents xml (commit: 7b53e3c) (details)
  10. Bump version number (commit: 185e89d) (details)
  11. Prints prompt only when the interpreter sends the evaluation result (commit: 1afdbcd) (details)
  12. Waits for result of coverage and prints message Fixes #716 (commit: 134c0be) (details)
  13. Brings the VDM console of a launch to the front of the view (commit: 1e83f91) (details)
  14. Adds support for DBGP messages and Rmoves dead code (commit: a46e1d4) (details)
  15. Checks whether the DBGP response has a value to print (commit: 7ef5f51) (details)
  16. Calls coverage before terminating the interpreter (commit: 4f23db6) (details)
  17. Fix condition (commit: 0dee778) (details)
  18. Show VdmDebugConsole on top in the View (commit: 52901b2) (details)
  19. Moves the console for the current process to the front (commit: d945c81) (details)
  20. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release Release/3.0.0 (commit: c179d6b) (details)