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Started on 09-Nov-2017 12:09:21
Started by event from ⇒ https://build.overture.au.dk:8080/jenkins/github-webhook/ on Thu Nov 09 12:09:21 CET 2017
Using strategy: Default
[poll] Last Built Revision: Revision ea5207912b690a639b8213fab3fc68e2e5a45c6d (refs/remotes/origin/development)
 > /usr/bin/git ls-remote -h https://github.com/into-cps/public-coe-test-fmus.git # timeout=10
Found 2 remote heads on https://github.com/into-cps/public-coe-test-fmus.git
Ignoring refs/heads/master as it doesn't match any of the configured refspecs
[poll] Latest remote head revision on refs/heads/development is: ad73056de39ccc1e4e56f149b2be36cca8911fa7
Done. Took 0.74 sec
Changes found