1. Adds a Debug VDM perspective (commit: 989a70c) (details)
Commit 989a70c6134c2f6d49c867136b4606e931f2ef90 by idhugoid
Adds a Debug VDM perspective

The Overture debug layout is different from the one in Eclipse Debug UI.

With this perspective the users are able to match the Debug VDM
perspective displayed views with the screenshots in the training
(commit: 989a70c)
The file was modifiedide/vdmrt/debug/plugin.xml
The file was modifiedide/debug/plugin.xml
The file was addedide/debug/src/main/java/org/overture/ide/debug/ui/
The file was modifiedide/vdmpp/debug/plugin.xml
The file was addedide/debug/icons/eview16/debug_vdm.png
The file was modifiedide/vdmsl/debug/plugin.xml
The file was modifiedide/debug/