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  1. [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration (commit: 2412c37) (details)
  2. Fix bug with import type mismatch with export (commit: 03c6582) (details)
  3. Suppress details as well as messages in VDMError when suspended (commit: b652fba) (details)
  4. Fix min_/max_ functions, fixes #706 (commit: c354db8) (details)
  5. Correct recursive type check for function types, fixes #707 (commit: 59b42cc) (details)
  6. Add checks for reserved word prefixes in definition names, fixes #711 (commit: 348313a) (details)
  7. Added warning for TypeComparator with ParameterTypes, fixes #562 (commit: 277c1b9) (details)
  8. Added coprights to ParameterFinder (commit: b19f3f9) (details)
  9. Allow state records to be imported as types (commit: aba0f48) (details)
  10. Fix check for exit statements, fixes #14 (commit: b6bcf40) (details)
  11. More fixes for #14 (commit: af5a48c) (details)
  12. Small fix for measure expressions, see #15 (commit: f5a67a6) (details)
  13. First cut changes for mutual recursive TCs, fixes #15 (commit: 228447e) (details)
  14. Better resolution of apply function names, fixes #15 (commit: f8fa46c) (details)
  15. Exit detection understands "is not yet specified" (commit: 837029a) (details)
  16. Added extra checks for exceptions, searching expressions. See #14 (commit: f11015a) (details)
  17. Some corrections to mutual recursion checking, #15 (commit: c357576) (details)
  18. Add a depth limit to recursive cycle searching, see #15 (commit: d2ee23f) (details)
  19. Add expression and bind checks to exception checking, see #14 (commit: 62ab12e) (details)
  20. Correction to seq comprehensions to use "bind", see #692 (commit: 699e976) (details)
  21. Correctly order type-bind generated invariant values, see #692 (commit: 51351ae) (details)
  22. [maven-release-plugin] prepare release Release/2.7.4 (commit: ded1ba6) (details)
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